Class of 1964 50th Reunion
50th Class Reunion
Nocello's Restaurantt
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Barbara Simeti (Monello)

Robin Reiss (Adamski)    

Malinda Lianza (Dobrins)

Michael  Ruggiero     

Karen Benson (Stapleton)

Helene Tsouros (Drapeau)        (631) 427-7999

Valerie Ansalone        

Jim Dorn                    

Reunion of 1978 - Did we change?
I have used maiden names on the photo's below to make things easier on my aging brain - Jim Dorn

Tom Abramoske John Baker
Val Ansalone Barbara Simetti
Audie Scott Paul Flora
Bill LoScalzo
Karen Benson JoAnn LaGuardia
Linda (Gottschalk) and Gary Foster
Carol Miller Barbara Simetti
Tom and Marsha Siegal (Haeberle)
Karen Schluter Leslie (Wendy) Ladd
Kathy Rohan and Fern Stolper
Sam Easterbrook and Dee Laffin
Kathy Markey and Dick Crescenzo
Robin Reiss
Malinda Lianza, Jo Porco and Jim Dorn
Mary Solla and Shirley Leis
Phil Kordula and Mike Quaglino
The Urigs
Mike Ruggiero and Barbara McMahon
Renee Stern
The John Bakers and Malinda Lianza's (Dobrins)
JoAnn Mcintyre
Paula Kozulak and Audie Scott
Paul Flora and Helene Tsouris
Paula Kozulak
Jim Dorn singing in the HHH Library
Carol and Rene
How many do you recognize from this picture?
Helene, Paul, Robin, Mike Karen, Barbara, Henry
Mike, Barbara, Sam
Melinda, Karen
Mike Quag..
Paula and Tony
Julie and Val 
Mr Baumann's Sixth Grade - Sunquam
Remember this during our senior year?  
The yearbook was dedicated to President Kennedy